Level Up On Star Trek Online – How To Level Up On STO

Published: 08th July 2010
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Level Up On Star Trek Online - STO is all about skills. When you move through the game you will gain new skills and skill points and when these points reach a certain point you will be able to level up to a new rank. Each new rank you gain will give you a new batch of skills, a new ship and a lot more options.

How To Level Up On Star Trek Online

When you go through star trek online you will have to complete missions. With each mission you will pick up skill points. Skill points make your character stronger and rank you up to another level. There are six different ranks.

The six STO ranks are:

1 - Ensign

2 - Lieutenant

3 - Lieutenant Commander

4 - Commander

5 - Captain

6 - Admiral

When you level up on STO you get what is called a promotion. To get to the higher ranks and gain promotions you will have to earn skill points. Each rank requires a certain amount of skill points before you can move up and increase your characters full ability. The higher you rank the more equipment, weapons and accessories you will have available to you.

How STO Levels Work?

When you gain enough skill points you will be given a grade and after getting ten grades then you will move up to a higher rank. Playing the game with a higher rank is much more exciting as you get a new ship and have a lot more playing options.

How Star Trek Online Levelling Guides Can Help

The faster you can get skill points and get to the higher ranks the better the game will become. Learning how to do this quickly is very difficult, especially if you have never played the game before. It can be very time consuming and a lot of hard work. You can find out exactly what you need to do before you start with an Star Trek Online Level Guide.

Avoiding the long hours to learn all of the basics can be very useful if you really want to get stuck into the game as soon as possible. This is what star trek online level up guides are designed for.

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