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Published: 08th July 2010
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Star Trek Online Level Guide - STO is a game focused on building up ranks and skills. To get a higher rank you need to earn points. The reason for doing this is that each time you rank up you will gain a new smaller set of skills, therefore giving your game more depth and enjoyment. An STO level guide will quickly help you obtain a high rank and teach you everything you possibly need to know about the game.

How Do I Get A Higher STO Rank?

Each player will have missions to complete. As you complete these missions you will earn skill points. These points will strengthen your current skills. In STO you can achieve six different ranks, just like in the films and television series.

The six STO levels are:

1 - Ensign

2 - Lieutenant

3 - Lieutenant Commander

4 - Commander

5 - Captain

6 - Admiral

When you move between STO ranks you get what's called a promotion. In order to do this you must gain a certain number of skill points and use a selection of skills. Moving up the ranks is a form of levelling and the higher the rank the more developed your character. The more points you get the more you items, equipment and accessories you will have.

How Does STO Levelling Work?

Star trek online ranks are achieved when you gain skill points. When you use the skill points then you will get a grade, after ten grades your character will move onto the next rank. If you can progress through grades and ranks then you will be presented with better equipment and other abilities that can be used in space and ground combat. Each rank will also award you with a new ship. All of these options therefore make your playing experience more enjoyable. It's getting to this stage that can be difficult.

How A Star Trek Online Level Guide Helps

Learning to gain skill points quickly is the easiest way to level up fast. Learning how to do this takes time. You would find out how the process works straight away with an Star Trek Online Level Guide.

You would find out exactly what to do in order to avoid the long playtime that would be required otherwise. You would also learn skills and techniques along the way that would make your missions more engaging and the game therefore more enjoyable.

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