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Published: 08th July 2010
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Star Trek Online Points Guide - STO is all about gaining points and making your character as strong as possible. As you progress through the game you will earn skill points and eventually get a higher rank. With every new rank you will be awarded with a new batch of skills and equipment.

How To Get Star Trek Online Points

To get STO points you have to complete missions. With every mission you partake in you will earn skill points. These points will make the overall abilities of your character greater and eventually rank you up to higher levels until you reach the peak. There are six different levels overall.

The six STO ranks are:

1 - Ensign

2 - Lieutenant

3 - Lieutenant Commander

4 - Commander

5 - Captain

6 - Admiral

When you reach a certain number of skill points you will get a promotion. Each rank will need a select amount of skill points before you will qualify for the upgrades. When you do eventually get an upgrade you will be given new skills, new equipment, a new ship and more accessories.

How STO Points Work?

Skill points work on a very slow basis. It can take a very long time to build up a large amount of them. You will earn grades as you gain skill points. To upgrade to a higher rank you will need to get ten grades.

How A Star Trek Online Points Guide Can Help

An STO points guide will help you achieve the higher ranks quicker by tell you exactly what you need to do in order to quickly get skill points. If you are a beginner or generally not very good at the game then an STO points guide will cut out all of the long hours that you would have to do in order to build up a firm rank. Star Trek Online Points Guide.

Cutting down the long hours can make the game a lot more fun in the long run. Star trek online points guides are specifically designed so people can complete everything at much faster rate and at a higher standard.

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